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Clit Wear designs that create vaginas for men.

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Clit Wear for the best male to female transformation experience. You can read all the ads you want but if you end up doing some research on male to female transformation, Clit Wear, Koala male to female transformation you will find that the designs we are showing are second to none. These innovative styles will bring you as close to female as possible short of having surgery. These are incredible designs for transgender people, men interested in getting in touch with their feminine side, me who are into crossdressing and men who enjoy being completely feminine. As you can see from the photos these designs are very much vagina like. They are beautiful creations using the penis rather than hiding it.

Clit Wear fashions for Men

Male to female transformation

Swimwear, underwear, tights and shorts that are all designed to change men to women in the pouch area. These suits are called vagina style pouches. Some give the look of vagina lips, others are a smooth pussy look while other can appear to show the clitoris. These spandex creations are actually some of the hottest men's designs of the season and you are bound to see men wearing them on many of the most hip beaches. The slang for these transformation designs are Clit Wear and we think that the saying is kind of cute. These designs work in different ways but the end result is the same. They are repackage the penis into the shape of a vagina. These suits actually use the penis as part of the design.

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